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For sure!
You can check out our Guide for detailed guides to navigate through the game!
If you have any further questions that are not shown in the site, send us the questions so we can further assist you.

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​​​​​​The classes for drivers vary in 5 different levels. See below for more information.

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To get started, you'll have to make an account or connect by a social login.
Please check out the process here.

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1. Go to the link:

2. input your RRS Username and Coupon Code.

3. Enter the game and check your Mail for the Coupon contents.

4. You can find your RRS Username on the top left of the RRS Home Screen.


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General FAQ

You can check your stats by clicking your account on the top left corner. 
You will be able to check your Today's Stats and Career Stats!

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Stars can be gained through game play and the amount of stars you win per race depends on how well you do. As you gain more stars, your Star Level will grow higher and you’ll unlock new features such as Shop, Garage, Daily Spin, Daily Deals, and so on

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There are different ways to unlock new Lawnmowers and Drivers.
One is to reach certain Star Levels to unlock those that are locked.
The other way to unlock new Lawnmowers and Drivers are to purchase them through the shop.
There will be different drivers for you to unlock in Daily Deals so keep an eye out for your favorite driver!

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The three types of lawnmowers are speed, power, and balance. Check out below for more information!

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From the Main Page go to > Profile > Nickname.

The first time you change your nickname will be at free of cost, but the following changes will cost Gold.

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